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Living in a bubble ..
Being sick isn't fun. I more than 3 days sick this week. It's nice at… 
29th-Sep-2007 11:39 pm
Take That
Being sick isn't fun. I more than 3 days sick this week. It's nice at home and not going to school. But the things you'll get through your illness aren't fun. I also lost my interrest this week for the computer. That's not normal for me, I guess. Normaly I like it to do things on the pc. 

The weather in the Netherlands is bad. If you like rain, you'll have a great time here, hehe. When your cycling through the rain you're all wet on school and that sucks. It suck really. I like rain sometimes, not always :P. But next week we're going to Zeeland (I don't know if you write it like that in English, but I'm too lazy (it's 23:47!) to search for the right word) to do some biological tests. I don't know what to think about it. I'll take my Ipod with me, but I need more songs :P. 

I'm gettin the official Take That 2008 calendar!! Ohh I wanna have it right now!! I'm too excited! Last year I was too late to buy one. They were all sold out. I've ask my uncle to buy one for me on the internet and I will pay him back :P. I'm hyperactive on this moment and that isn't a good combination if you wanna sleep. 

I've seen High School Musical 2 on tv tonight. It was great, really! I've seen also the Hairspray movie in the cinema with a friend. I thought I'm died when I saw Zac Efron. He looked really nice. And he also did in HSM2. 

Enough talked! I'm trying to get some sleep ^^.

Night night!
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